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Algomox offers a variety of services and solutions that help you to fuel your business growth.

AI Consulting

Our industry experts help you to develop an AI strategy for your organization and guide you through your enterprise AI transformation journey.

AI App Development

We build your vision. Do you have a business problem that can be solved with process automation? With our expertise, we can build tailor-fit AI applications for you.

Managed MLOps

AI is inevitable, but model management is complex. Our AI expertise and MLOps platform helps you to effectively manage the life cycle of your model in production.

Managed AIOps

Managing modern IT environments cost-effectively is a bedrock requirement. Our AIOps platform and expertise enable you to transform to a highly automated IT organization.

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Algomox® AI Platforms.

AI Enabled (ML, NLP, Vision) Intelligent Business Applications
Algomox® is an AI defined enterprise stack that helps you to automate every step of AI transformation. It enables you to manage the AI operational life cycle with a single pane of glass. Algomox® AI is powered by MLOps and AIOps platforms.
Algomox® AI Application development service helps you to drive business process automation by developed tailored AI applications to suit your needs. Our AI applications are delivered as cloud native microservices and managed using MLOps and AIOps. Embrace AI innovation, process automation, and cost reduction with minimal investment of resources.
Algomox® MLOps Platform enables you to manage the entire model life cycle. With it, you can manage data integration, handle security, train your models, and monitor their performance. By automating all repetitive tasks in the model life cycle, you can develop models faster and manage them better in production.
Algomox® Cognitive Modeling Studio is a premier AutoML solution using the best-in-class research to advance your model creation capabilities. Designed for every level of user, its various modes allow a hands-off approach to model creation as well as a deep control into every model development activity. Using the Cognitive Modeling Studio, anyone can create a powerful model to drive their business needs.
Algomox® Cognitive ModelOps Engine enables ModelOps engineers to manage the model in production. Using the CME, you can evaluate your model accuracy in real time, and monitor drift, transactions, and performance to keep your model predictions on track. The built-in version management system allows you to switch to the last stable version on-the-go.
Algomox® Data Pipeline Manager allows you to connect scattered data sources across the enterprise using data pipelines. It simplifies the job of the data operations team with a single solution that handles security, compliance and integration requirements.
Algomox® Cognitive Security Operations Center is a fully managed AI-driven cybersecurity suite which helps organizations to automate the process of threat prediction, threat hunting, threat detection, investigation, and response. The key dimensions of our AISecOps offering are network, endpoints, applications, processes, and user behaviour.
Algomox® AI Defined Infrastructure(ADI) is an automation driven cloud-native infrastructure. The ADI helps you to build and run self-learning, self-scaling, and self-healing infrastructure environments for AI applications. This infrastructure architecture accelerates your AI transformation and helps you to differentiate.

AI for your Industry.

Discover AI applications for your enterprise with our industry-specific use case documents.

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Our AI Expertise.

We are AI and IT Subject Matter Experts, focusing and helping enterprises to accelerate their AI transformation. We have hands on experience in AI and Cloud technologies including...

Machine Learning
We enable you to transform your business with the unmatched benefits of machine learning, deep learning, and deep reinforcement learning. We can solve your classification, regression, clustering, anomaly detection, recommender systems, and time series problems and develop end to end solutions using machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Also, we have expertise in deep reinforcement learning techniques and algorithms to address your high dimensional control and automation problems.
Natural Language Processing and Conversational AI
We have specialization in Natural Language Processing and Conversational AI technologies. We create highly advanced AI-powered NLP applications including Machine Translation, Sentiment Analysis, Text Classification, Text Generation, Named Entity Recognition, Text Summarization, Relation Extraction, Dependency Parsing, Sentence Embedding, Dialog Management, Emotion Recognition, Semantic Role Labeling, Relation Classification, Digital Virtual Agents, and Chatbots.
Computer Vision and Image Processing
We have expertise in advanced image processing and computer vision technologies. We can create advanced image processing applications including Semantic Segmentation, Image Classification, Object Detection, Image Generation, Domain Adaptation, Pose Estimation, Super Resolution, Depth Estimation, Scene Parsing, Activity Recognition, Zero-Shot Action Recognition, Gesture Recognition, Image to Image Translation, and Optical Character Recognition.
Cloud-Native AI
In the cloud era, many enterprises, their data center technologies, and IT environment have deeply bolted onto the public cloud services. We have a lot of experience in creating, and fine-tuning IT infrastructure for AI using AI defined models and AIOps. We can help IT organization to optimize GPUs, TPUs, and compute for your AI workloads and develop cloud-native AI applications using microservices architecture. Also, we can deploy AI models to the elastic and scalable AI defined cloud infrastructure.
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