Manage your DataOps for machine learning and AI.

Define data collectors, and compose data pipelines, to get your data quickly into your machine learning pipeline.

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Algomox Data Pipeline Manager (DPM) is a DataOps tool, that helps you, with few clicks, to solve your data management problems and save the data integration costs, up to 60% against the traditional approach.

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Speed up data integration.

Build data pipelines across all your systems and simplify the collection, transmission and pooling of data through a visual interface.

Build data pipelines faster, from any source, and in the format you need

Control data access.

With built-in features for security, control access to data flow and mask important elements in compliance with data security policies.

Built-in security and preprocessing features in the UI

Enable AI transformation.

Make your enterprise AI ready by solving its foundational challenge - data collection and pooling from a variety of internal and external sources

Monitor load and data throughput for all your data pipelines
Data Pipeline Manager

Data Pipeline Manager.

Help enterprise users to automate the data operations through composable data pipelines from a variety of integrations and data sources. Also, enable you to enforce data security policies and compliance requirements.

Hassle-free data integrations from every source to any channel