Manage your AI pipeline life cycle with ModelOps.

Create, deploy, monitor, manage, and fine-tune your AI pipelines, and manage the Cognitive Analytics life cycle with a single pane of glass.

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Algomox Cognitive ModelOps Engine (CME) helps you to simplify the AI pipeline operations and
save operational cost per pipeline up to 80%!

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Automate model monitoring.

Monitor the performance of all your models in production and identify model drift before it hurts your business.

Track model accuracy in real time or across a batch of data

Govern ModelOps with scalability.

By adopting best-in-class process for versioning, access control and model governance, Cognitive ModelOps Engine enables you to adopt scalable ModelOps.

Model Registry simplifies version management and hot-swap of models

Minimize costs of model operations.

Keep your organization up to date with the latest ModelOps technology and industry best practices with lower cost of ownership.

ModelOps enables scalability and easy management to keep costs low
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Cognitive ModelOps Engine.

Helps you to operationalize and manage your AI pipelines. Enables enterprise customers to, with a few clicks, integrate different data pipelines and data pools. Allows you to visualize the continuous machine learning predictions in a customizable dashboard.

Enable ModelOps for your enterprise