Revitalize your approach to patient care with AI.

Algomox solutions can advance clinical patient care, transform pharmaceutical drug discovery process and optimize hospital operations.

Healthcare Solutions

Transforming healthcare with AI goes beyond profitability and efficiency in operations. It has a very real potential of saving and enhancing the quality of human life. AI solutions can shape faster and more accurate diagonstics, enhance the speed and success rate of drug discovery and improve the efficiency of hospital operations.

AI Transformation Business case & Usecases.

Investing in AI has huge potential for healthcare. Clinics and laboratories that involve AI in dignostics can perform faster and diagnose better. Pharmaceutical companies invested in drug research can bring their APIs to market faster. Hospitals can cut down on their losses and penalties while streamlining patient operations.

Advanced Patient Care
Improved patient satisfaction.
Reduced misdiagnosis rates.
47 %


Assisted Pathology
Model for accurate and faster digital pathology
Assisted Radiology
Image analysis model for accurate radiology
Medical Assistance Chatbot
Chatbot directs patients to the right specialist
Patient Health Monitoring
Remote monitoring and prediction of disease relapse
Geriatric Chatbots
Chatbot for the elderly provides emotional engagement and monitors health
Better Accessibility
Assistive technology for the differently-abled

Accelerated Innovation
Faster drug development.
Better clinical trials.
48 %


Gene Expression Analysis
Model to identify relevant biomarkers in genetic data
Mining Scientific Literature for Drug Discovery
Enable drug discovery by finding relevant information
Potential Drug Target Identification
Deep learning model identifies new targets for disease
Virtual Screening of Compounds
Faster identification of effective APIs
Enhanced Drug Discovery
AI models create new potential APIs
Improved Clinical Trials
Model finds the optimum patient batches for successful trials
Precision Medicine
Effective patient stratification for precision medicine

Optimized Operations
Better revenue cycle management.
Efficient patient processing.
50 %


Reducing Missed Appointments
Model predicts likelihood of patient no-shows
Propensity-to-pay Modeling
Enhance collection efforts with propensity-to-pay models
Length of Stay Management
Predict length of hospital tenure for better logistics.
Preventing ID Theft
Biometric verification and cybersecurity to prevent fraud
Managing Readmissions
Predictive modeling identifies readmission likelihood
Automated Triage
Natural language understanding powered robot to manage emergency rooms
Better Insurance Claims
Model predicts claim denial and sanitizes claim forms

How can I expand my reach to more patients?

Our telehealth and remote monitoring solution uses AI to creatively drive your revenues.