Become an innovative Ecommerce leader with AI.

Algomox solutions for Ecommerce companies empower them to drive higher growth in revenue, improve cost management and enhance the customer omni-channel experience.

Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce companies are the ideal candidates for AI implementation due to their experience with software systems and the rapid business cycle which allows quick visibility into benefits. These potential benefits are greater market share, improved profitability and a richer customer experience on their platform.

AI Transformation Business case & Usecases.

Artificial Intelligence opens up new doors for ecommerce companies. They have opportunities to gain an edge over their competitors, attract more customers, automate repetitive operations and become a market leader with the application of innovative solutions.

Customer Value
Enhanced omni-channel experience.
Predictive modeling for faster delivery.
20 %


Voice Assisted Purchasing
Model recognizes customer voice for purchases
Customer-Centric Search Results
Tune search results to customer preferences
Visual Search
Image based searching for products
Anticipatory Shipping
Predict purchasing and ship products early
Grievance Management
Natural language processing identifies serious customer grievances for quick resolution
Chatbot helps customers find right product
Counterfeit Product Detection
Detect counterfeit products with AI technology
Fighting Fake Reviews
Identify and remove fake reviews using deep learning

Market Share
Better customer retention.
Focused customer acquisition.
35 %


Market Basket Analysis
Model to recommend related products
Preventing Shopping Cart Abandons
Model predicts cart abandonment for corrective action
Customer Lifetime Value Segmentation
Model segments customers by lifetime value for marketing purposes
Sales and Demand Forecasting
Predict product demand for better inventory management
Customer Churn Detection
Model finds churn-risk customers for retention
User-based Product Recommendation
Recommender system finds relevant offers for customers
Employee Attrition Detection
Manage employee satisfaction and retention
Intelligent Hiring
Improve the efficiency of the hiring process through automation

Pricing models for higher revenues.
Cost-cutting with automation.
25 %


Auto-generated Product Descriptions
Automate product descriptions with natural language generation
Distribution Center Optimization
Efficiently organize logistics with AI
Smarter Returns
Model predicts return likelihood for prevention
Dynamic Pricing
Adjust price based on market demand and availability
Product Classification
Organize products automatically using natural language processing
Protect your IT environment with advanced threat hunting models
Managing your IT operations with AI